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Brooklyn Bible's first edition!

Welcome fam to My Blog!


Welcome to the first edition of my new blog! They call me Brooke, Brooklyn, Bambi or B.

I own a salon on the Gold Coast Aus, and have been hairdressing for almost 16 years.

I bought my salon just over 5 years ago and have been lucky enough to have work closely with some of Australia's elite stylists. In my time behind the chair I have been asked the same questions and for the same help assisting clients hair needs. but funny enough some lifestyle, food and travel tips too.

Back in December 2021 the idea to create a blog was conceived

I'd use all this information and jot it down on paper.... well virtual paper ;)

And share with anyone that was bored, needing help or a laugh.

BUT I had to pause this idea! See typical me, I decided I was going to run away from Australia. I packed my bags and moved to Europe for an adventure of a life time. I learnt a lot along my solo travels unexpected tips and tricks and even about myself!

Fast forward 12 months later and here you have it, The Brooklyn Bible has been born.

Hang around with me and hopefully you'll fine some helpful hacks and some funny stories!

And don't be a stranger! Feel free to follow me: and send me some ideas for up and coming blogs.

Future 2023 content to expect from B&K Hair Studio:

-More helpful hair info

-Styling hacks & Tutorials

-How to repair your hair

-Product do's and don'ts

-Men's hair concerns and tips


-Travel (Solo and general)

-Solo female travel bible

-Life of a Foodie

-Lifestyle topics

I look forward to sharing more of B&K with you this year

Love B xx

(Owner/stylist of Brooklyn and Ki Hair Studio)


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