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All that time you've sat in your stylists chair PLUS all that money you have budgeted to get that delicious colour! And yet you feel like it just washes out within a few weeks :(

Lets be honest with ourselves, most of us do at least one....if not all six, of these hair absolute no-nos within the first few days to weeks after having our hair professionally coloured, by our fave hair magician. It may not be intentional, just a poor habit we have.

My professional answers to your most important questions about how to keep your colour fresh, shiny and vibrant, Stay tuned...

1-Don’t wet your hair!

Being a hairstylist on the Gold Coast (Australia), this is always a hugeee and common occurrence. I'm forever finding myself asking my client what their plans are for the rest of the day. They obliviously and confidently say... "Oh, I'm heading to the beach straight after" OR "I've got a PT session this afternoon". My response is CRUD! (not just because I'm a little heart broken they're about to not just ruin the gorgeous blow out I had sacrificed my shoulder muscle for) But also that clean, fresh colour!

I assume this is a universal problem too, So the big question on your mind. "How long do I need to wait to wash/wet my hair after dying it?"

The rule of thumb is to avoid washing your hair for minimum of 48 hours after a colour. OR to wait three days for very compromised/porous hair.

This gives time for the cuticle to close, and the colour to set in. This is why you may want to skip a workout or swim. Other wise you're literally be washing your money down the drain!

2- Stay Away From Heat

Okay my fellow social butterflies! If you're like me and love a good catch up with the girls and a margi....or two ;) You'll probably need you hair feeling stylish and on point. THIS ONE IS FOR YOU MY HONEYS!

Heat-based styling tools are very very detrimental, not just to your colour but also the integrity of your hair.

Did you know?! That using hairsprays, volumizers and mousses prior to your curling wand or flat iron will cause your colour to fade! Stick to the old faithful heat protection and use any hairsprays and finishing products post styling.

3- Hot Water is a Hot NO NO

This one is a killer in winter but suck it up buttercup, freshly coloured locks need to avoid hot water. Hot water will lift the outer layer of hair and cause the colour to fade.

Alternatively, rinse with cold or lukewarm water, this will seal up the cuticle and lock in your fresh colour.

Bonus you won't dry out your skin too, leaving you feeling supple and plump!