American crew stockist

At Brooklyn And Ki Hair

Mens cut- From*   

Stylist-                                                    $35 

 Barbering- From*  Only with Brooke  

Includes wash and styling

Mens style cut-                                       $38

Skin fade-                                               $45 
Undercut                                                 $20 (small panel)
+$10 Tracks

Cut throat:

Style cut and cut throat shave-               $75 *coming June

Hot towel shave (cut throat)-                  $40 *coming June

Head cut throat shave-                           $40 

Beard and brow trims-                            $15-$20

(basis or styled/faded)

Tinder date express: *$15

Do you need to impress a little someone?

15min express tidy up before your date.

Includes tidying around hairline and side burns, Shampoo, head massage and styling. Pep talk complimentary ;)

Yankees experience- $80 (60/75mins)

Style cut, Hot towel cut throat, head massage and treatment, hair styled and beer on arrival 


Brooklyn Nets experience- $70 (1hr)

Style cut, Beard trim, Hot towel head massage, beer on arrival

New York Jets experience- $45 - $50 (45mins)

Style cut, hot towel head massage, beer on arrival

*pricing depending on stylist or salon director