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Get yourself some of the hottest merch on the coast!

Maybe you're a runner, Surfer of one of the lads.

The B&K Surf Cap will keep you look hot while keeping cool from the hella colour fading sun!

Available in both men's and women's styles, our surf caps are designed to provide a comfortable fit and protect your skin from the sun's harmful rays. The caps come in a variety of stylish colors and are adorned with our unique Brooklyn and ki Hair logo.

So why wait? Shop our collection of surf caps today and get ready to take your beach game to the next level!

Plastic snapback cap.

Single panel at front.

Total under pig lining, mesh structure support.

Light weight.

100% quick dry nylon.

Flat peak.

One size fits all



B&K Fancy AF Surf Cap

What's your flavour?
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