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How long will my appointment take?
We recommend allowing 1 & 1/2hours up to 3 hours for a cut and colour/foils, however this is for a basic colour. If you are having a colour correction or you have long/thick hair then please allow extra time. When booking your appointment please provide us with as much detail about your hair as possible, this way we can provide you with an estimated time frame.

How far in advance do I need to allow when booking my appointment?
We highly recommend that you rebook after each service to avoid missing out on your preferred day and stylist.
It is recommended you book 3-4 weeks in advance. Late nights do book up 1 – 2 months in advance. We do have a cancellation list so feel free to contact us at the salon.


Do I need to confirm my appointment?
We do send a reminder text message or phone call to our clients, however it is your responsibility to remember your appointment. If you are unsure of your appointment date or time you can call the salon and we will be happy to help!
Please note: reminder messages are automated so we will not receive any cancellation messages. Please ensure you call the salon to avoid cancellation fees.


Please click the link on the confirmation text to confirm appointment.

Do you have a cancellation or late arrivals policy?
A $20-$100 deposit will be taken at the time of your booking and will be deducted from your first service.
We understand that things often come up last minute and you may need to cancel or change your appointment. If this happens please give us at least 38 hours notice of cancellation. Without cancellation or if you are more than 15 minutes late for your appointment you may forfeit your deposit.

This policy is in place as without cancelling your appointment we miss the opportunity to fill the appointment with someone on our waiting list

What payment methods do you accept?
We accept cash, eftpos, visa MasterCard, American Express  and also have the option of ZIP PAY.  We are also currently setting up a payment plan online for smaller weekly payments.


Can I come for a consult first?
Yes!! We advise you to come in for a free 20-minute consultation with one of our stylists.


What will be covered in a consultation?
Consultations allow for the stylist to evaluate your hair condition and discuss the appropriate treatment/colour /styling suitable to your hair. This will also give our stylist an approximation on how many sessions will be needed to achieve your desired result. Consultations give our clients the opportunity to ask any questions they may have for our stylist as well our recommendations for hair care products we provide at the salon.



If I only want a ‘trim’ is it the same price as a ‘cut’
Yes, there is no price difference between the two as we are taking the same amount of time to remove length from your hair.

How many sessions will it take to achieve my desired colour?
Each and every one of our clients at Brooklyn and Ki is an individual and the services we provide are tailored to you and maintaining your hair at its best. This is evaluated by looking at the client’s hair history, such as what current products you have been using at home and whether your hair was previously coloured using packet dye. It is also important to remember if you want to go from dark to light that this may take additional time/sessions.


What is colour build up? Does this affect my hair?
Colour build up is any artificial dye that has been placed on your hair. Until that hair has completely grown out, it is likely that it will remain on the hair and can affect the colour outcome. When cleansing colour, your hair will go through various stages of colour. You may see red, brassiness and copper. Once you have your first colour correction appointment, we usually give you an approximate timeline for you to reach your desired colour.

How long will toners last?
A toner should last between 4-6 weeks depending on how frequently you wash your hair and what hair care products you are using at home.

We prescribe a personal home maintenance plan for you so you will get the most out of your colour and style.


What products do you use?
Matrix colour and products, Paul Mitchell and American crew

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